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Integrated Trust and Investment Limited (ITI) Best Execution Policy describes its responsibility as Broker/Dealer to provide the most advantageous order execution for its customers. Our objective is to ensure that our client’s best interest is served always in accordance with market regulation.

Integrated Trust and Investment Limited will always take all responsible steps to obtain the best possible result taking into account:

 Price
 Costs
 Client’s specific instruction
 Speed
 Time of reception of order
 Likelihood of execution and settlement
 Market liquidity and impact of the order on the market
 Size of the order
 Nature or any other Consideration relevant to the execution of the order

Clients may instruct ITI to take into consideration certain factors which are more important to them. ln the absence of specific instruction ITI will exercise its own discretion to determine the relative importance of the factors and use all reasonable efforts to achieve best execution.

ITI will take every reasonable step to maintain the confidentiality associated with clients filled and unfilled orders.

ITI has business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place for the purpose of maintaining an effective staff and business survival capability in the event of disasters.


To executive a trade our purchase or sale forms must be completed and signed by the client.

The order must be imputed into the system from each of the branches or Head office.

AII orders are centrally collated and vetted by Compliance and control unit to confirm account details, funding or credit arrangement and price limit if any.

The order is handed over to the Head of stockbroking unit for trading by the Traders.

The jobbing book is returned to the control and compliance unit for scrutiny to ensure adherence to price limit and execution of request according to the mandate.

The daily trade file which is the extract of trades done by all the brokers from the jobbing book will be sent to Operations in soft copy for upload.


The clients have the option to place the following types of order:

Market Order: is an order instantly executed against a price that prevails in the market on the day the order is placed.

Limit Order: A limit order is an order to buy below the current price or sell above the current price.

Orders can be placed through different methods:
 Self through our FIX protocol
 Through our branches and Head office
 Online through E-mails

The performance of traders in executing orders are periodically evaluated and assessed to offer our clients the best services at all times.



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